17 May 2018

Special issue published: "New Techniques for Secure Internet and Cloud Computation"

International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering 16(3) 2018
  • Data security and privacy information challenges in cloud computing
  • A perspective on applications of in-memory and associative approaches supporting cultural big data analytics
  • Load balancing algorithm based on multiple linear regression analysis in multi-agent systems
  • TERS: a traffic efficient repair scheme for repairing multiple losses in erasure-coded distributed storage systems
  • A sound abstract memory model for static analysis of C programs
  • Self and social network behaviours of users in cultural spaces
  • Cost-sensitive ensemble classification algorithm for medical image
  • Mining balanced API protocols
  • Advance DDOS detection and mitigation technique for securing cloud
  • An efficient algorithm for modelling and dynamic prediction of network traffic
  • Deploying parallelised ciphertext-policy attributed-based encryption in clouds

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