2 May 2018

Special issue published: "Advanced Techniques in Multimedia Watermarking"

International Journal of Information and Computer Security 10(2/3) 2018
  • WeChat traffic classification using machine learning algorithms and comparative analysis of datasets
  • Node authentication algorithm for securing static wireless sensor networks from node clone attack
  • The research of reputation incentive mechanism of P2P network file sharing system
  • Robust injection point-based framework for modern applications against XSS vulnerabilities in online social networks
  • A nonlinear two dimensional logistic-tent map for secure image communication
  • A robust reversible image watermarking scheme in DCT domain using Arnold scrambling and histogram modification
  • Improved pixel relevance based on Mahalanobis distance for image segmentation
  • 3D reconstruction of human face from an input image under random lighting condition
  • Reversible data hiding in absolute moment block truncation coding compressed images using adaptive multilevel histogram shifting technique
  • A new statistical attack resilient steganography scheme for hiding messages in audio files
  • Physiological trait-based biometrical authentication of human-face using LGXP and ANN techniques

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