1 May 2018

Special issue published: "Biomedical Signal and Imaging Trends and Artificial Intelligence Developments"

International Journal of Computational Systems Engineering 4(2/3) 2018
  • A computerised framework for prediction of fatty and dense breast tissue using principal component analysis and multi-resolution texture descriptors
  • GPU-based focus-driven multi-coordinates viewing system for large volume data visualisation
  • Multimodality medical image fusion using non-subsampled rotated wavelet transform for cancer treatment
  • Comparison of feature extraction techniques for classification of hardwood species
  • Myoelectric control of upper limb prostheses using linear discriminant analysis and multilayer perceptron neural network with back propagation algorithm
  • Volumetric tumour detection using improved region grow algorithm
  • Comparative study of LVQ and BPN ECG classifier
  • Automatic feature extraction of ECG signal based on adaptive window dependent differential histogram approach and validation with CSE database
  • A comparative study on Kapur's and Tsallis entropy for multilevel thresholding of MR images via particle swarm optimisation technique
  • Comparative studies of discrete cosine transform and lifting wavelet transform techniques for compression of blood pressure signal in salt sensitive Dahl rat
  • B-mode breast ultrasound image segmentation techniques: an investigation and comparative analysis
  • An improved unsupervised mapping technique using AMSOM for neurodegenerative disease detection
  • Active contours using global models for medical image segmentation
  • Application of ensemble artificial neural network for the classification of white blood cells using microscopic blood images

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