5 December 2017

Special issue published: "Sustainable Energy Technology" (includes free article)

International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy 14(1) 2018
  • Production, performance and emission analysis of Tamanu oil - diesel blends along with biogas in a diesel engine in dual cycle mode
  • Conversion of cotton residues to bio-oil and chemicals through flash pyrolysis in a fluidised bed reactor
  • Experimental study on triple pass solar air heater with thermal energy storage for drying mint leaves
  • Experimental studies on the performance of dehumidifier using calcium chloride as a liquid desiccant
  • Comparative analysis of sustainable electric energy generation technologies using a multi-criteria decision methodology
  • Intra-regional accessibility and take-up of grid extended electricity among rural households: case of Meru-South Sub-County in Kenya
  • Residential electricity use effects of population in Kazakhstan [FREE FULL-TEXT ACCESS]

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