15 December 2017

Free sample articles newly available from International Journal of Business and Systems Research

The following sample articles from the International Journal of Business and Systems Research are now available here for free:
  • A dynamic routing system for short sea shipping following ship immobilisation
  • The importance of information technology as a strategic resource for hospital management process and the management skills required for managers
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of marketing a tourist destination using satisfaction analysis
  • Scale efficiency with fuzzy data
  • Applying risk-focused e-CAM model for m-commerce: a study of Metro-India
  • Long tail vs. blockbusters - a data-driven approach
  • The impact of psychological pricing strategy on consumers' buying behaviour: a qualitative study
  • Integrated SA-DEA-TOPSIS-based solution approach for multi objective stochastic dynamic facility layout problem
  • Optimal selection of multi-criteria unequal area facility layout problem: an integer linear program and Borda-Kendall-based method
  • Identify and prioritise the critical factors in implementing the reverse logistics practices: a case of Indian auto component manufacturer
  • Mentoring, social media, and Gen Y employees' intention to stay: towards a conceptual model
  • Analysis of suppliers' preferences to a manufacturer using Kano model and performance value analysis

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