20 December 2017

Free sample articles newly available from International Journal of Operational Research

The following sample articles from the International Journal of Operational Research are now available here for free:
  • A modern two-stage stochastic programming portfolio model for an oil refinery with financial risk management
  • Economic design of moving average control chart for non-normally distributed data: a comparative study
  • Heuristic rules for tie-breaking in the implementation of the NEH heuristic for permutation flow-shop scheduling
  • The permutation flowshop scheduling problem with exact time lags to minimise the total earliness and tardiness
  • Two-warehouse inventory model for non-instantaneous deteriorating items with partial backlogging and permissible delay in payments under inflation
  • An integrated approach of TOPSIS and response surface methodology for optimising the micro WEDM parameters
  • Optional services in a non-Markovian queue

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