2 November 2017

Special issue published: "Progress in Using Exergy in Energy and the Environment"

International Journal of Exergy 24(2/3/4) 2017
  • Exergoeconomic results of cogeneration system with a gas turbine and absorption cooling system
  • Local exergy loss rate in convective heat transfer
  • Exergy and energy analysis with economic aspects of a diesel engine running on biodiesel-diesel fuel blends
  • A parametric study on exergetic performance of a YSZ electrolyte supported SOFC stack
  • An experimental investigation on exergy analysis of an ejector expansion refrigeration system
  • Assessment of thermodynamic and environmental performances in subcooling process for different refrigerants
  • Exergy analysis and mathematical modelling of orange peels drying in a mixed mode solar tunnel dryer and under the open sun: a study on performance enhancement
  • Second law analysis of simultaneous heat and mass transfer through non-grey gas radiation within a cylindrical annulus
  • Solar radiation exergy and enviroeconomic analysis for Turkey
  • Enhanced exergy analysis of a waste heat powered ejector refrigeration system for different working fluids
  • A comparative thermodynamic analysis on different exergetic efficiency methods for a solar photovoltaic module
Additional paper
  • Computational fluid dynamics based model development and exergy analysis of naphtha reforming reactors

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