5 November 2017

Special issue published: "Machine Learning Techniques for Medical and Biological Applications"

International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology 25(2/3/4) 2017
  • Contourlet transform and morphological reconstruction based retinal blood vessel segmentation
  • Upper alpha neurofeedback training enhances working memory performance using LabVIEW
  • An optimisation method for fusion-based reversible embedding and retrieving in MRI/CT medical images
  • Dual-tree complex wavelet with modified SPIHT algorithm for video compression
  • Improved fuzzy clustering and Legendre level sets for segmentation of multiple tumours in low contrast liver CTA images
  • A survey of big data architectures and machine learning algorithms in healthcare
  • Critical review of various near-duplicate detection methods in web crawl and their prospective application in drug discovery
  • An efficient feature extraction technique for palm-print recognition system
  • MQRC: QoS aware multimedia data replication in cloud
  • Face recognition using Zernike Moments with illumination variations
  • Unconstrained face recognition in surveillance videos using moment invariants
  • Web-based multi-featured input diabetes mellitus diagnosis system using combined ANN-ARM techniques
  • Prediction of rescuable cancer mutants in p53 mutation network using centrality measures
  • Design of fault tolerance environment in optical networks
Additional paper
  • Fractal analysis of EEG signals for studying the effect of cognitive stress on brain

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