14 November 2017

Special issue published: "New Developments in Electronics, Cloud and IoT – Part 1"

Electronic Government, an International Journal 13(4) 2017
  • Performance analysis of a 5G non-orthogonal waveform filter bank multi carrier
  • Bit error rate performance analysis of Cholesky decomposition based quasi ML receiver for large scale MIMO system
  • Comparative analysis of applications of identity-based cryptosystem in IoT
  • Improving the accuracy of item recommendations in collaborative filtering using time-variant system
  • Middling role of social support between work family conflict and job satisfaction among professional women in Tamil Nadu
  • Performance benchmarking of tunnel transistors for energy efficient 4-bit adder architectures at low VDD
  • Behaviour state analysis through brain computer interface using wearable EEG devices: a review
  • Impact of deflection history based priority on adaptive deflection router for mesh NoCs
  • A survey on integrity verification and data auditing schemes for data verification in remote cloud servers

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