12 December 2014

Special issue published: "Smart and Sustainable Healthcare Supply Chain"

International Journal of Procurement Management 8(1/2) 2015
  • Lean manufacturing within critical healthcare supply chain: an exploratory study through value chain simulation
  • A combined IDEF0 and FMEA approach to healthcare management reengineering
  • Business process reengineering of drugs storage and distribution: a case study
  • An axiomatic design-based approach for the patient-value-oriented design of a sustainable Lean healthcare system
  • Waste not, want not. What are the drivers of sustainable medicines recycling in National Health Service hospital pharmacies (UK)?
  • Boxed up and locked up, safe and tight! Making the case for unattended electronic locker bank logistics for an innovative solution to NHS hospital supplies (UK)
  • Challenging times to pharmaceutical supply chains towards sustainability: a case study application
  • A decision support tool, implemented in a system dynamics model, to improve the effectiveness in the hospital emergency department
  • Performance analysis of a healthcare supply chain for RFID-enabled process reengineering
  • Coping with uncertainties via resilient supply chain framework
  • Inventory model under permissible delay in payments and inflation with generalised Pareto lifetime
  • Supplier development and buyer-supplier relationship strategies - a literature review

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