2 December 2014

Special issue published: "Interactive Computing Systems"

International Journal of Space-Based and Situated Computing 4(3/4) 2014

Includes expanded versions of papers presented at the Fifth International Workshop on Virtual Environment and Network-Oriented Applications (VENOA-2013).
  • Concept and prototype design of NFC-based micro-payment ecosystem
  • WebGL-based 3D furniture layout system using interactive evolutionary computation and its user evaluations
  • Facial expression system using Japanese emotional linked data built from knowledge on the web
  • Development of a self-study and testing function for NetPowerLab, an IP networking practice system
  • An extended active access-point selection algorithm for link speed changes in wireless mesh networks
  • A digital contents management system using a real booklet interface with augmented reality
  • A study on pseudo-haptics by cursor moving with motion blur
Additional papers
  • A simulation system for WMN based on SA: performance evaluation for different instances and starting temperature values
  • Towards an optimised traffic-aware routing in wireless mesh networks

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