18 December 2014

Special issue published: "Resiliency and Engineering Systems – Research Trends and Challenges"

International Journal of Critical Infrastructures 10(3/4) 2014
  • Assessment process of the resilience potential of critical infrastructures
  • Optimal recovery sequencing for enhanced resilience and service restoration in transportation networks
  • Existing technologies for deterring and defeating waterside attack of dams
  • Behaviour analysis techniques for supporting critical infrastructure security
  • Taxonomy of SCADA systems security testbeds
  • Future SCADA challenges and the promising solution: the agent-based SCADA
  • Designing critical policy infrastructures by participatory systems analysis: the case of Fukushima's reconstruction
  • Simulation-based characterisation of critical infrastructure system resilience
  • Probabilistic resilience for building systems exposed to natural disasters
  • A user-layered approach for modelling and simulating terrorist attacks

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