11 March 2014

Special issue published: "Project Risk Management"

International Journal of Project Organisation and Management 6(1/2) 2014
  • A structured process to managing complex interactions between project risks
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of task overlapping as a risk response strategy in engineering projects
  • Fuzzy critical chain risk management for quantifying impact of variation in non-critical activity duration on project duration
  • Optimal resource allocation in activity networks - stochastic environment
  • Lock-in risk in IT outsourcing projects: mechanism and mitigation system
  • Managing rare and undetectable events in risk assessment: the case of a satellite system launch project
  • Project risk management practices in the UAE construction industry
  • The communicative effect of risk identification on project success
Additional Papers
  • A cash flow-based approach for assessing expansion options stemming from project modularity
  • Assumption surfacing and monitoring as a tool in project risk management

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