31 March 2014

Special issue published: "A Crosscutting and Comprehensive Look at Environmental Problems (Part 2)"

International Journal of Environment and Health 7(1) 2014

Extended versions of papers presented at Argentina and the Environment 2012 (AA2012).
  • Biocatalysed acidification and metal leaching processes in sediments of polluted urban streams
  • Water decontamination by silver and copper montmorillonite
  • Arsenic biotransference to alfalfa (Medicago sativa)
  • Mechanisms of arsenic and fluoride release from Chacopampean sediments (Argentina)
  • Dynamic laser speckle and fuzzy mathematical morphology applied to studies of chemotaxis towards hydrocarbons
  • Effect of the surfactant benzalkonium chloride in the sorption of paraquat and cadmium on montmorillonite
  • Asterococcus superbus as a biosorbent of copper, zinc, cadmium and lead: adsorption isotherm and kinetic modelling

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