24 March 2014

Special issue published: "Global Products from Innovation Labs in Developing Countries"

International Journal of Technology Management 64(2/3/4) 2014
  • Multinational technology and intellectual property management - is there global convergence and/or specialisation?
  • Globalisation of R&D and host-country patenting of multinational corporations in emerging countries 
  • Building global products and competing in innovation: the role of Chinese university spin-outs and required innovation capabilities
  • The evolution of R&D capability in multinational corporations in emerging markets: evidence from China
  • How to implement secondary product innovations for the domestic market: a case from Haier washing machines
  • Organising for reverse innovation in Western MNCs: the role of frugal product innovation capabilities
  • Patterns of R&D internationalisation in developing countries: China as a case

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