6 June 2013

Special issue: "Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Applications"

International Journal of Nuclear Energy Science and Technology 7(4) 2013

Expanded versions of papers presented at the Sweden-Japan Joint Colloquium ‘Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Applications.
  • Multi-physics modelling of nuclear reactors: current practices in a nutshell
  • Predicting actual reactor conditions: why time-domain simulation is necessary for BWR stability
  • Characterisation of training scenarios for BWR operator training
  • Triaxial rotor model for the study of the nuclear structure and transition between different symmetries in nuclei for A = 120-200 mass region
  • Band moment of inertia of identical SD bands in A = 190 mass region
  • Design of instrumentation for control and safety rod drive mechanisms of prototype fast breeder reactor
  • Covariant treatment of collisions in particle physics

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