19 June 2013

Special issue: "Engineered Nanomaterials – Toxicology and Potential Health Effects"

International Journal of Biomedical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 3(1/2) 2013
  • Predictive toxicological paradigm and high throughput approach for toxicity screening of engineered nanomaterials
  • Using zebrafish to study the biological impact of metal and metal oxide nanoparticles
  • Preparation of water soluble carbon nanotubes and assessment of their biological activity in embryonic zebrafish
  • Engineered nanomaterial interactions with bilayer lipid membranes: screening platforms to assess nanoparticle toxicity
  • Aggregation behaviour of carbon nanotubes in aqueous and physiological media and its influence on toxicity
  • Nickel contamination on MWCNT is related to particle bioactivity but not toxicity in the THP-1 transformed macrophage model
  • Protein expression profiles of intestinal epithelial co-cultures: effect of functionalised carbon nanotube exposure
  • Nanoparticle toxicity by the gastrointestinal route: evidence and knowledge gaps
  • Biosynthesis of monodispersed silver nanoparticles and their activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis

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