7 June 2013

Special issue: "Advanced Software Engineering and its Applications"

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 47(2/3) 2013
  • Prioritisation of software requirements using grey relational analysis
  • Empirical model for predicting high, medium and low severity faults using object oriented metrics in Mozilla Firefox
  • Towards an institution for Object-Z specifications
  • Towards formalising use case maps in Maude strategy language: application to multi-agent systems
  • A heuristic approach to locate candidate web service in legacy software
  • Object Petri nets marking using UML
  • A fuzzy traceability vector model for requirements validation
  • Spatial indexing of static maps for navigation in online GIS: application for tourism web GIS
  • Image segmentation of noisy digital images using extended fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm
  • Performance evaluation of incremental decision tree learning under noisy data streams
  • Extensions to ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption to support distributed environments
  • Validation environment of UML2 IOD based on hierarchical coloured Petri nets
Regularly Submitted Papers
  • Improved bee colony algorithm based on knowledge strategy for digital filter design
  • Bacterial foraging based moon symmetry axis estimation for spacecraft attitude determination
  • A new single-mixture source separation method
  • A self-organisation particle swarm optimisation algorithm based on L norm multi-measurements diversity feedback
  • Ensemble learning for generalised eigenvalues proximal support vector machines
  • An improved multi-objective genetic algorithm for fuzzy flexible job-shop scheduling problem
  • A novel artificial bee colony algorithm for solving the supply chain network design under disruption scenarios
  • A modified artificial bee colony algorithm with its applications in signal processing

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