10 May 2013

Special issue: "Research and Applications of Evolving Logistics Challenges in the World"

International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management 15(2/3) 2013

Includes expanded versions of papers presented at the 2012 International Conference on Industrial Logistics (ICIL 2012).
  • Benchmarking external product variety in the Austrian agricultural industry
  • Selection and protection of suppliers in a supply chain with disruption risks
  • Solution of classical transport problems with bee algorithms
  • The development process for innovative concepts in supply chain management
  • Development of a model for the tactical identification of prospective clients in multiuser warehouses
  • Cargo flow distribution on the transportation network of the national logistic system
  • Chosen aspects of logistics network design method for production service companies
  • A multi-faceted approach to optimising a complex unplanned healthcare system
  • A single and triple-objective mathematical programming models for assignment of services in a healthcare institution
  • Optimal preventive and corrective maintenance for equipment with Erlangian life-time distribution
  • Ports dredging licensing process. A case study in two Brazilian ports: Porto de Santos and Porto de Paranagu√°
Additional Papers
  • Implementing collaborative practices in the healthcare supply chain: insights into hospital-vendor operations
  • Interval analysis to optimise a production line of pharmaceuticals

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