18 May 2012

Special issue: Solar/renewable energy, technology, policy and management

International Journal of Technology, Policy and Management 12(2/3) 2012
  • Dynamic growth in a photovoltaic market
  • The constraints in managing a transition towards clean energy technologies in developing nations: reflections on energy governance and alternative policy options
  • Solar eclipse: The rise and 'dusk' of the Dutch PV innovation system
  • The role of microalgae in the deployment of biofuels: contrasting algae and solar technologies
  • Forecasting a change in technology: are Dye-sensitised Solar Cells a source of ubiquitous energy?
  • Management of the Photovoltaic Supply Chain
  • Renewable energy and smart grid principles integration into campus-wide energy strategy at the University of New Mexico
  • Solar and wind energy portfolios and real-time pricing
  • Technology transfer: solar power and distributed rural electrification
  • Methods for intensifying parabolic trough receivers operation

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Unknown said...

Its tough for the consumer to keep up with all the different types of solar installations you could get, now with all these policies and bills going through about it all.

-Sharone Tal
Solar Installation Ocean County NJ