18 May 2012

Call for Papers: Uncovering Nonconscious Meanings and Motivations in the Stories Tourists Tell of Trip and Destination Experiences

A special issue of International Journal of Tourism Anthropology

This special issue invites unique contributions sharing advanced concepts and tools immediately applicable to theory and practice in tourist travel and destination experiences.

Naturalistic drama enactments enable tourists as storytellers to experience powerful myths in actual destination settings (might the sites themselves, for historical reasons, be imbued with mythical qualities?). Tourists’ stories provide intimate tourist travel insights regarding destinations as well as the enactments they engender for tourists. Such insights offer material for guidelines for tourist-destination relationship engagement.

This special issue aims to contribute to developing a comprehensive understanding of nonconscious-influence paths that impact tourist-destination behaviours and experiences.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Nonconscious-to-nonconscious conversations with self and significant others in pre-trip planning and decision making
  • Influence of destination stories consumers tell on decision making in tourism
  • Future of travel information search and unconscious (nonconscious?) drives of tourists
  • Cognitive task analysis of consumers travelling to destinations
  • The psychodynamics of social media sites and destination planning
  • New qualitative analysis research techniques for uncovering tourist behaviours travelling to and within destinations
  • Destination marketing organisations' use of dramaturgy in training tourism officials and planning tourism experiences
  • Sharing mental representations of group visits to tourist 'fairy tale' landmarks and destinations
  • Reflective topical autobiographies of behaviour of travellers
  • Emergent patterns and themes in informant thick description trip reports
  • Interplay of myths and tourist activities in stories tourists tell about destinations
  • Confirmable (true) unstated motivations of tourists visiting destinations
  • Methods and tools for decoding tourists' stories
  • Deriving site management value and engagement from visitors' stories
  • Virtual travel: its value as a concept and its possible role in information search for destination decision-making
  • The role of fiction in fuelling and shaping tourists' own elaborations of destination involvement
Important Dates
Abstract (150 words) due: 5 September, 2012 (by email)
Full paper due: 25 December, 2012 (online submission)
Notification of acceptance/rejection: 5 February, 2013
Submission of revised manuscript: 1 April, 2013
Final acceptance of manuscript: 1 June, 2013

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