6 May 2012

Call for Papers: Multi-criteria Decision Aid and Artificial Intelligence

A special issue of International Journal of Multicriteria Decision Making

The objective of this special issue is to publish recent advances and applications related to the combination of methods from MCDA (multi-criteria decision aid) and AI (artificial intelligence). MCDA and AI have evolved significantly over the past two decades as two separate fields. Nevertheless, there are similarities between them, especially in the areas of learning, decision and prediction from data. The development of hybrid models and methods can take advantages from both approaches.

Although we strongly encourage authors who presented work in these areas at the 75th Meeting of the European Working Group on MCDA (held in Tarragona from April 12th to 14th, 2012) to submit their manuscripts, this Call is also open to the entire community of academics and practitioners and we welcome all suitable submissions on the topics below.

The main topics for this special issue include but are not limited to (both theoretical and applied papers are accepted):
  • Intelligent decision support systems
  • Recommender systems using MCDA techniques
  • Uncertainty models in decision making (e.g. probabilistic, fuzzy, rough sets, etc)
  • Representation and management of linguistic information
  • Decisions in the Semantic Web
  • AI techniques for user profile representation and exploitation
  • Preference learning: machine learning and statistical learning
  • AI methods revised to include the user's preferences (e.g. clustering or classification)
  • Knowledge-based MCDA
  • Aggregation operators and information fusion
  • Group decision making (e.g. social choice, consensus measures, etc)
  • Optimisation methods in AI
Important Date
Submissions deadline: 30th October, 2012

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