4 May 2012

Special issue: Industrial engineering and operations management

International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering 11(1/2) 2012

Papers from the First International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM 2010) held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 9–10 January 2010.
  • Selection of industrial robots using compromise ranking method
  • Decision making for facility location selection using PROMETHEE II method
  • Productivity improvement through balancing process using multi-skilled manpower in apparel industries
  • An industrial application of DMECA approach to management process analysis
  • Developing a model for preventive maintenance management system and application database software
  • Modelling, simulation and feasibility analysis of bus rapid transit system in Pune, India
  • The application of quality function deployment to improve the teaching techniques in higher education
  • A new hybrid algorithm for multi-depot vehicle routing problem with time windows and split delivery
  • Implementation of total quality management in Bangladesh power generating sector: progress and problems
  • A Bayesian approach to forecast intermittent demand for seasonal products
  • Deriving the cost function of an integrated dyadic supply chain with uncertainty in the supply
  • Pricing model for eliminating productivity concerns of outsourced software maintenance services
  • Kanban supplier system as a standardisation method and WIP reduction
  • Effects of degraded operation modes on reliability and performance of manufacturing cells

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