17 May 2012

Special issue: Entrepreneurship research in Asia

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business 16(1) 2012
  • Changing severity of impediments for entrepreneurs in India: an empirical analysis
  • Growth plans of small business in India: individual influences
  • The emergence of traditional Indonesian herbal medicine (jamu) for cosmetic use: new avenues for the revitalisation of Javanese health and cosmetic traditions through gender entrepreneurship?
  • Examining the impact of new policy facilitating SME succession in Japan: from a viewpoint of risk management in family business
  • The retention of trained production workers in a small manufacturing company in Malaysia
  • Factors influencing entrepreneurship in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) among residents in Sarawak Malaysia
  • Microfinance for women micro and small-scale entrepreneurs in Yemen: achievements and challenges

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