4 August 2011

Special issue: Viral DNA analysis and rational vaccine design

International Journal of Bioinformatics Research and Applications 7(3) 2011
  • From Pauling's abzyme concept to the new era of hydrolytic anti-DNA autoantibodies: a link to rational vaccine design? – A review
  • Computation of entropy and energetics profiles of a single-stranded viral DNA
  • CDS identification in a viral single-strand DNA (ssDNA) using Fisher linear discriminant
  • Virus infection on brain white matter: statistical analysis of DT MRI scans
  • B- and T-cell epitope mapping of human sapovirus capsid protein: an immunomics approach
  • Computer-aided vaccine design for liver cancer using epitopes of HBx protein isolates from HBV substrains
Added paper
  • BioHCVKD: A bioinformatics knowledge discovery system for HCV drug discovery – identifying proteins, ligands and active residues, in biological literature

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