24 August 2011

Special issue: Risk management in projects and enterprises

International Journal of Project Organisation and Management 3(3/4) 2011
  • The effects of cooperative procurement procedures on joint risk management in Swedish construction projects
  • Major cost-overrun risks in construction projects in China
  • Critical uncertainty factors for efficient allocation of demand risk in privately financed public infrastructure projects in Australia
  • Risk mitigation in take or pay and take and pay contracts in project financing: the purchaser's perspective
  • Risk associated with managed investment primary production projects
  • Risk accountability in the tender process of contractors in Ghana and UK
  • Managing stakeholder perceptions of risk and opportunity in social infrastructure projects using a multimedia approach
  • Assessment of risk paths in construction projects
  • Earned value management under risk
  • Risk factor analysis of the Chinese building energy efficiency market using system dynamics methodology
Additional Paper
  • Simulation application in project risk management for infrastructure transportation project

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