18 August 2011

Call for Papers: International Engineering Operations

A special issue of International Journal of Product Development

International network collaboration in engineering, manufacturing and innovation is gaining an increasing prominence in practice and in theory. In recent years the global landscape of engineering has been dramatically changing, driven by the trends of globalisation, rapidly changing markets and emerging technologies.

In many developed countries, the traditional engineering and manufacturing sectors are shifting away to lower cost locations and the remaining operations are transforming towards a knowledge-based model focusing on higher value-added activities. At the same time, many emerging or less developed economies are reforming their engineering bases across a wide range of core industries to sustain rapid economic and societal development.

Such transformation and upgrading processes provide a unique opportunity for the reshaping of sustainable engineering sectors around the world. This, however, would also require an overall understanding of the complexity and dynamics of global value networks, as well as the skills required for systematic engagement with such networks.

This special issue focuses on international operations along the engineering value chain from research, design and manufacturing to service, support and recycling. Consistent with the mission of IJPD, submitted papers should contain a significant empirical contribution and enable communication between academics, industrialists and policymakers. Original research and development papers, review papers and case studies are welcome. The relevance of engineering to the international operations context must be explicit.

The issue will carry revised and substantially extended versions of selected papers presented at the Cambridge International Manufacturing Symposium Workshop on Supply Network-based Product Innovation, but we also strongly encourage researchers who did not participate in the conference to submit papers for this call.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Engineering technologies, expertise and capabilities generating high value for the economy and society
  • Engineering’s contribution to the creation and production of innovative products and services
  • Supply network-based product innovation
  • Trends of engineering off-shoring/out-sourcing and their implications
  • Innovative concepts of operations focusing on advanced engineering capabilities and value chain integration
  • Engineering services, integrated manufacturing and servicing systems, and the internationalisation process
  • Engineering’s role in building sustainable industrial systems
  • Emerging trends of low-carbon economic growth based on advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities
  • The impact of information and communication technologies (ICT) on international engineering operations
Paper should address relevant practical problems and provide either valuable managerial insight and/or a fundamental improvement of our understanding of international engineering operations.

Important Date
Submission deadline: 5 December, 2011

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