28 August 2011

Special issue: Laws, regulation and new product development – the role of the regulatory framework for the management of technology and innovation

International Journal of Technology, Policy and Management 11(3/4) 2011
  • Ecosystem dynamics: the principle of co-evolution and success stories from climate policy
  • Modelling the antecedents of innovation-based growth intentions in entrepreneurial ventures: the role of perceived regulatory conditions in the German renewable energies and disease management industries
  • The role of the regulatory framework for innovation activities: the EU ETS and the German paper industry
  • Long-term impacts of environmental policy and eco-innovative activities of firms
  • Orphan drugs: ten years of experience with the EU framework on stimulating innovation for treating rare diseases
  • The role of policy in the evolution of technological innovation systems for photovoltaic power in Germany and the Netherlands
  • Environmental innovations, complementarity and local/global cooperation: evidence from North-East Italian industry

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