24 August 2011

Special issue: Computations in biomedical data and image processing

International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering 6(3) 2011
  • Feature analysis and denoising of MRS data based on pattern recognition and wavelet transform
  • Emission image reconstruction based on incremental optimisation transfer algorithm
  • Speedup performance analysis of parallel Katsevich algorithm for 3D CT image reconstruction
  • Adaptive coupled diffusion model for vessel image enhancement
Submitted Papers
  • Crystal structure determination by global optimisation in configuration space: a case study for distributed computing on the NRW-grid
  • A virtual reality design for learning the basic concepts of synchrotron light source
  • A web-based travel system using mashup in the RESTful design
  • Effective feature set construction for SVM-based hot method prediction and optimisation
  • Arithmetic operations beyond floating point number precision

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