13 March 2011

Special issue: Reconfigurable and multi-core embedded systems

International Journal of Embedded Systems 4(3/4) 2010
  • From reconfigurable architectures to self-adaptive autonomic systems
  • A framework of embedded reconfigurable systems based on re-locatable virtual components
  • Multi-objective placement of reconfigurable hardware tasks in real-time system
  • Targeting reconfigurable FPGA based SoCs using the UML MARTE profile: from high abstraction levels to code generation
  • Architecture synthesis methodology for cost-effective run-time reconfigurable systems
  • Real-time reconfigurable cache for low-power embedded systems
  • Reconfigurable hardware implementation of a modified chaotic filter bank scheme
  • Programming model and tools for embedded multicore systems
  • Design and implementation of hybrid multicore simulators
Additional Papers
  • Run-time mapping for dynamic reconfiguration management in embedded systems
  • Stand-alone portable digital body sound data acquisition device

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