3 March 2011

Special issue: Aerodynamics of high speed flows from transonic to hypersonic

International Journal of Engineering Systems Modelling and Simulation 3(1/2) 2011

Papers from the 2010 Applied Aerodynamics Conference of the Association AĆ©ronautique et Astronautique de France held in Marseille, France.

Numerical Methods
  • Multiblock residual-based compact schemes for the computation of complex turbomachinery flows
  • Hybrid upwind splitting scheme by combining the approaches of Roe and AUFS for compressible flow problems
Laminarity and Transition
  • Compressibility effects on laminar-turbulent boundary layer transition
  • Transition prediction in transonic turbine configurations using a correlation-based transport equation model
Shock-Wave/Boundary Layer Interaction and Its Control
  • Numerical study of shock-turbulent boundary layer interactions with incipient and complete separation
  • The structure of turbulence in transonic shock wave/boundary layer interaction
  • Application of the passive control of shock wave to the reduction of high-speed impulsive noise
High Mach Number Flows
  • Overview of activities at the ISL hypersonic shock tunnels
  • Side loads and thermal loads in rocket nozzles. Overview of the CNES-ONERA ATAC programme

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