9 March 2011

Special issue: Emerging issues in services and operations for global businesses

International Journal of Services and Operations Management 8(3) 2011

Papers from the third International Symposium and Workshop on Global Supply Chains held in Coimbatore, India, 7-9 January 2009
  • Insights into integration for supply chain redesign in service and product-focused firms
  • Green Supply Chain Management orientation and firm performance: evidence from South Korea
  • Self-Service Technologies (SSTs): determinants of adoption and its post-usage outcomes from a focal company perspective
  • Classification of mass customisation: a Socio-Technical System perspective
  • Effective implementation of Communities of Practices (CoPs) in a knowledge habitat: a case study of Samsung Electronics
  • High-speed surface transportation corridor: a conceptual framework
  • Total Quality Management implementation in Research and Development organisations: a comparative study of South Korea and Taiwan
  • Process architecture impact: a comparative study of two glass industries

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