6 March 2011

Special issue: Aerodynamics for land vehicles

International Journal of Aerodynamics 1(3/4) 2011

Flow Control
  • IEMN/LEMAC magneto-mechanical microjets and micro-hotwires and aerodynamic active flow control
  • Drag reduction of a 3D bluff body using plasma actuators
  • Drag reduction by pulsed jets on strongly unstructured wake: towards the square back control
  • Active procedures to control the flow past the Ahmed body with a 25° rear window
  • Transient growth of coherent streaks for control of turbulent flow separation
  • Investigation of near wall wake induced aeroacoustic noise by simultaneous use of particle image velocimetry, microphones and wall pressure sensors
  • Spatio-temporal analysis of wall pressure fluctuations on several automotive side-glasses
Complex Aerodynamic Behaviour
  • On the transient aerodynamic forces induced on heavy and light vehicles in overtaking processes
  • Flow in the engine compartment: analysis and optimisation
Aerodynamics Education
  • Wind turbine aerodynamics: analysis and design

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