16 March 2011

Call for Papers: Adaptation and Clustering in Mobile Networks

A special issue of International Journal of Mobile Network Design and Innovation

Rapid adaptation to highly dynamic changes in node topology, application load, power level, etc. is becoming an increasingly important performance issue in mobile networks. In addition to maintaining quality of service criteria, highly dynamic scalability becomes a critical factor in mobile network configuration and performance management.

Correspondingly, adaptive management of mobile networks brings up a new challenge of adaptive nodal clustering; the end-to-end network performance becomes highly dependent on the efficiency of nodal clustering. Novel adaptive clustering algorithms, which take into consideration different aspects of traffic distribution, node group mobility, data aggregation and load balancing, are required.

Suitable contributions include but are not limited to articles relevant to theory of wireless adaptive clustering or its application in the following areas:
  • Hierarchical routing protocols
  • Routing scalability
  • Bandwidth adaptation and reservation
  • Accommodation of non-stationary traffic distributions
  • Group mobility pattern recognition
  • Clustering in highly dynamic environments
  • Network modelling and performance evaluation
  • Data aggregation in sensor networks
  • Topology control in ad-hoc networks
  • Dynamic load balancing
Important Dates
Submission of manuscripts: 12 August, 2011
Reviews back to authors: 12 October, 2011
Revised manuscript submission: 12 December, 2011

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