26 March 2011

Special issue: Advanced simulation in biomedicine and bioengineering

International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology 5(2/3) 2011
  • Influence of the fluid-structure interaction in biomechanics: application to parametric modal analysis and dynamics of the aorta under a shock
  • Coupled models technology in multi-scale computational haemodynamics
  • Computational haemodynamic model for study of calculated mitral valve area
  • Recent innovative advances in telemedicine: standard-based designs for personal health
  • Advancement of lung tissue engineering: an overview
  • Boundary element simulation of bone tissue
  • Comparison of in vivo contact positions for PS and PCR TKA implants using Lowest Point and full-contact techniques
  • Multivariate ECG analysis for apnoea–bradycardia detection and characterisation in preterm infants
  • Micro and nanotechnologies for bioengineering regenerative medicine scaffolds
  • Evaluation of forced expiratory volume prediction in spirometric test using Principal Component Analysis

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