5 November 2010

Special issue: Recent advances and innovative research in pharmaceutical sciences

International Journal of Biotechnology 11(3/4) 2010
  • Development and characterisation of sodium alginate and HPMC films for mucosal drug delivery
  • Multiple unit pellet systems (MUPS) obtained by soft compaction of two polymorphic cellulose modifications as coated pellets: influence of the polymorphic modification in MUPS on disintegration time and drug release
  • Characterisation and controlled drug release from a novel two-phase hydrogel system
  • An adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for optimising the emulsifier concentration in the formulation of an O/W emulsion
  • Model-driven engineering for vaccine product data compliance
  • A novel, dual acting, soft pellet formulation, combining cushioning and rapid disintegration properties, and their incorporation into tablet formulations containing film-coated drug pellets
  • Some aesthetic considerations for over the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products
  • Rationalising fixed dose combinations for tuberculosis and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome therapy

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