5 November 2010

Call for papers: Open Innovation and Technological Learning with Globalisation in Emerging Economies

A special issue of International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development

With the dissemination of the ‘open innovation’ approach, an increasing number of companies are adopting open innovation strategies in both developed and emerging economies. However, it seems that the latter design and implement their open innovation strategies in a manner that is somewhat different from those adopted in companies from highly industrialised countries.

This special issue we concerned with questions such as:
  • To what extent do firms and organizations adopt open innovation strategies?
  • What are the characteristics of open innovation strategies in companies and other organisations in emerging economies?
  • How do companies in emerging economies conduct technology learning with the increasing globalization trend?
  • What are the main features of their technological learning practices to support open innovation?
  • What changes in technological learning when companies adopt the open innovation and globalization strategies?
  • Is there any difference between open innovation strategies of a multi-national corporation adopted in advanced countries and those in emerging economies?
There are many issues on open innovation in emerging economies that should be examined and discussed. In addition, the empirical observation suggests that there are interactions as well as differences between open innovation and R&D globalization. Thus what is relationship between open innovation, technological learning and R&D globalization in emerging economies?

The issue addresses the current state of open innovation, technological learning and R&D globalization in emerging economies, which includes open innovation and global R&D in SMEs, the open innovation and technology learning strategies of MNEs in emerging countries and those of local companies, the open innovation strategies of MNEs in advanced countries and those in emerging countries, the impact of R&D globalization on technological learning and the development of industry clusters and industry chains, and technology management and technology marketing during the process of open innovation and R&D globalisation.

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Open innovation, technological learning, and globalisation in emerging economies
  • Open innovation of SMEs in emerging economies
  • R&D globalization of technology-intensive companies in emerging economies
  • Technology strategies for R&D globalization
  • Open innovation and development of sustainable industry chains
  • MNEs technology learning strategies in emerging economies
  • Licensing for technology and technology-intensive products in an open world
  • Open innovation of MNCs in emerging economies
  • Branding in open innovation and globalization for technology and technology-intensive products in emerging economies
  • Technological learning underlying open innovation strategies with globalising competition in companies in emerging economies
Important Date
Paper submission deadline: 30 April 2011

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