26 April 2010

Special issue: Research and innovation evaluation: theory, practice and experience

International Journal of Technology, Policy and Management 10(1/2) 2010
  • Assessing the patenting activity in the Italian universities: the case of the biotechnology research
  • Science Parks contribution to scientific and technological local development: the case of AREA Science Park Trieste
  • Evaluation of an e-government project: which are the barriers to e-government integration?
  • Public and private R&D investments as complementary inputs for productivity growth
  • Searching for rational effect factors of R&D value within a real options framework
  • Supporting and evaluating emerging technologies: a review of approaches
  • Measuring value in the innovation processes of university-industry research centres
  • Measuring the outcomes and impacts of innovation interventions: assessing the role of additionality
  • Roadmapping future powertrain technologies: a case study of Ford Otosan
  • Knowledge and skills of professors at the campus of Social Sciences of the Autonomous University of Yucatan through distance education

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