26 April 2010

Special issue: Methodologies and applications of modelling, identification, and computing in medical imaging

International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control 9(3) 2010
  • Time-varying parametric modelling and time-dependent spectral characterisation with applications to EEG signals using multiwavelets
  • Formulation of 3D finite elements for hepatic radiofrequency ablation
  • Analysis of connectivity in the resting state of the default mode of brain function: a major role for the cerebellum?
  • Development, evaluation and application of reperfused liver infarction in rats as a practical model for studying ischemic diseases and screening new drugs
  • Tomography in frequency domain using wave equation
  • Methodologies for pharmacokinetic post-contrastographic dynamic contrast enhancement
  • Rodent models and magnetic resonance imaging: diagnostic and therapeutic utilities for stroke
  • Animal models of ischemic heart disease for in vivo cardiac MR imaging research
  • Investigation of multiwavelets and set partitioning algorithm on mammogram images
  • Choices for animal models of atherosclerosis in MR molecular imaging study

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