11 April 2010

Special issue: Change in the world auto industry and policy responses

International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management 10(2/3) 2010
  • Changing policies for the automotive industry in an 'old' industrial region: an open innovation model for the UK West Midlands?
  • Upgrading of TNC subsidiaries: the case of the Polish automotive industry
  • Local institutions, local networks and the upgrading challenge. Mobilising regional assets to supply the global auto industry in Northern Mexico
  • The involvement of Japanese MNEs in the Indonesian automotive cluster
  • The role of social dialogue in skills initiatives: a case study approach
  • Automotive industry and blurring systemic borders: the role of regional policy measures
  • The MG Rover closure and policy response: an evaluation of the Task Force model in the UK
  • Swing plants and punishments: a study of a Ford closure decision
  • Globalisation and the reorganisation of Japan's auto parts industry
  • Towards sustainable growth in the Chinese automotive industry: internal and external obstacles and comparative lessons
  • Sustainability and diversity in the global automotive industry
  • The role of public policy in stimulating radical environmental impact reduction in the automotive sector: the need to focus on product-service system innovation

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