9 November 2009

Special issue: Software issues in computational science and engineering

International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering 4(4) 2009

Papers from a workshop at held in Uppsala, Sweden, 15–16 August, 2007
  • Coordinate-free numerics: all your variation points for free?
  • Unified framework for finite element assembly
  • Software engineering meets scientific computing: group projects in CSE education
  • Co-processor acceleration of an unmodified parallel solid mechanics code with FEASTGPU
  • Dominik Goddeke, Hilmar Wobker, Robert Strzodka, Jamaludin Mohd-Yusof, Patrick Reconsidering algorithms for iterative solvers in the multicore era
  • Efficient representation of computational meshes
  • F2PY: a tool for connecting Fortran and Python programs
  • Automatic parallelisation of staggered grid codes with expression templates
  • Run-time automatic instantiation of algorithms using C++ templates

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