22 November 2009

Call for papers: Inter-Firm Networks, Governance and Innovation in the Automotive Industry

A special issue of International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management

The automotive industry is one of the most studied industries, which holds especially true for research on innovations, inter-firm networks and governance mechanisms within these networks. However, recently, major changes have occurred, triggered partly by the current financial crisis.

Questions raised include:
  • Which organisational innovations have taken place in the automotive industry in recent years?
  • Is lean management still the benchmark for organising the manufacturing of automobiles?
  • What can be said of the national innovation systems? For example, are there differences between European, Japanese and US car manufacturers with regard to the degree of outsourcing R&D?
  • Does the nationality of the car manufacturer critical for R&D activity?
  • Did design thinking change the process of innovation?
  • And what about user or internet driven innovations?
Another question of interest is the phase in which an innovative idea is developed, chosen or rejected. At what stage of the innovation process are innovations rejected or reinforced and how is this done?

Papers to be included in this special issue should be focused on one or more of the following subjects (the list is indicative rather than exhaustive):
  • Inter-firm networks
  • Governance and innovation in the automotive industry
  • Technology transfer in networks
  • Technology transfer and governments
  • Innovation systems and the automotive industry
  • Organisational innovations
  • Design thinking for innovations
  • The process or the stages of (non-)innovation
Case studies, surveys and papers based on empirical data are preferred; a rigorous research methodology is required, as well as a review of existing literature and adequate reference to bibliographical sources. Contributions will be subjected to double-blind review

Important Dates
Deadline for (extended) abstract submission: 1 February 2010
Response by guest editor: 28 February 2010
Deadline for full paper submission: 31 May 2010

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