24 November 2009

Call for papers: Degenerate and Singular Parabolic and Elliptic Equations

A special issue of International Journal of Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations

This special issue is intended to survey the recent progress in analyses and applications of nonlinear degenerate and singular equations and systems of elliptic, parabolic, and mixed parabolic-hyperbolic types. Particular attention will be paid to the mathematical and numerical analysis of models arising in the study of reaction-diffusion-convection processes.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Model development and analysis involving degenerate or singular parabolic or parabolic-hyperbolic equations.
  • Well-posedness of the Cauchy or initial-boundary value problems of degenerate parabolic-hyperbolic equations.
  • Regularity of solutions of time-dependent and steady-state solutions.
  • Long term behaviour of time-dependent solutions.
  • Blow-up property of time-dependent solutions.
  • Stability and instability of steady-state solutions.
  • Uniqueness or multiplicity of steady-state solutions.
  • Numerical analysis and computation of degenerate and singular elliptic, parabolic, or parabolic-hyperbolic equations.
Important Date
Deadline for Submission: 30 June, 2010

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