29 November 2009

Call for papers: Risk Management in Supply Chains

A special issue of International Journal of Mathematics in Operational Research

Risks in supply chains refer to the uncertainties associated with the events that affect one or more members of a supply chain that, usually, negatively affect the chain’s performance. The recent trends such as offshore manufacturing, lean sourcing and global outsourcing has considerably increased the risk exposure of firms and their supply chains. Risk management in supply chains is a crucial discipline which helps companies not only to deal with these risks but also to turn these threats to possible opportunities. In addition to the risk factors in operational level, other unexpected events such as political and environmental issues highlight the importance of this topic. In this special issue we explore the state-of-the-art applications and methods of risk management in supply chains.

Topics of interest focus on solving supply chain problems considering risk factors and include, but are not limited to:
  • State-of-the-art reviews
  • Operations decision making under uncertainties
  • Supply chain disruption management
  • Optimisation with risks
  • Risk assessment and mitigation in supply chains
  • Risk management in inventory control
  • Value of information and information asymmetry
  • Impact of risk aversion in supply chain performance
  • Financial risk measures and portfolio risk
  • Decision analysis in energy markets considering risks
  • Risk management in projects
Important Dates
Submission due: 30 June, 2010
Editorial decisions: 30 October, 2010