23 November 2009

Special issue: Mobile multimedia systems and applications

International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Computing 3(4) 2009
  • Important scene analysis model using result importance and situation importance
  • Anonymous communication protocol for sensor networks
  • Heterogeneous clock group protocol for causally ordered delivery of messages
  • Satoshi Kawanami, Tomoya Enokido, Makoto Takizawa
  • An adaptive ARQ timeout approach for audio streaming over Bluetooth
  • A maximum a-posteriori identification criterion for wavelet domain watermarking
  • Hierarchical network architecture for layered video streaming
  • Duplex narrowcasting operations for multipresent groupware avatars on mobile devices
  • A mobile intelligent negotiation agent embedded and hybrid architecture based online purchasing system
  • Content-based scene segmentation scheme for efficient multimedia information retrieval
  • Performance evaluation of selective-border-casting zone routing protocol for ad-hoc networks
  • On the effect of handover mechanisms on the performance of video communications in WATM networks

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Anonymous said...


The information about the mobile multimedia application is very interesting.

The Video special systemssystem is very efficient to capture the images at night times and the clarity of the image is good compare to the mobile.