11 April 2009

Special issue: Wireless and mobile networking

International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing 4(3/4) 2009
  • Location discovery for sensor networks with short range beacons
  • Energy-efficient connected coverage of discrete targets in wireless sensor networks
  • A traffic aware, energy-efficient MAC protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Semantic Sensor Net: an extensible framework
  • A Power-Saving algorithm combing power management and power control for multihop IEEE 802.11 ad hoc networks
  • Sensor network configuration under physical attacks
  • A novel dual-key management protocol based on a hierarchical multicast infrastructure in mobile internet
  • The impact of mobility models on mobile IP multicast research
  • Analysis of channel allocation scheme for wireless cellular networks
Additional Papers
  • A light-weight scalable truthful routing protocol in MANETs with selfish nodes
  • Facilitating human-centric service delivery using a pluggable service development framework
  • The investigation of delay-constrained multicasting with minimum-energy consumption in static ad hoc wireless networks

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