15 April 2009

Call for papers: Dynamics in Digital Human Modelling and Simulation

Call for papers: Dynamics in Digital Human Modelling and Simulation

A special issue of International Journal of Human Factors Modelling and Simulation

Digital human modelling and simulation has been a booming research topic for the past decade. Biomechanics and ergonomics researchers are using digital human models to analyse and design various activities in industry, military, and clinical research. Efficient static and dynamic analysis of human motion is the key element in developing a high-fidelity human model. The human body is a highly redundant multibody system with high degrees of freedom, and computational simulation and experimental analysis of human motions are challenging tasks. The main topics involved in human dynamics are rigid and flexible multibody dynamics, experiment-based methods, motion prediction, impact and vibration, injury and fatigue prediction, and human safety and protection.

This special issue will focus on recent research and advances in human dynamics for digital human modeling, biomechanics analysis, and ergonomics design, etc.

Topics include but are not limited to:
  • Rigid and flexible multibody models
  • Forward and inverse multibody dynamics
  • Kinematics and kinetics of human motions
  • Experimental analysis
  • Theoretical and computational dynamics of human motions
  • Real-time simulation and computational efficiency
  • Control and simulation of human motions
  • Optimisation applications
  • Dynamics of human-environment interaction
  • Injury and fatigue prediction
  • Joint and muscle mechanics
  • Helmet and clothing design for human protection
  • Group dynamics
  • Impact and vibration
Important Dates
Submission of draft manuscript: 1 December 2009
Feedback to authors and notification of acceptance/rejection: 1 March 2010
Submission of revised manuscript: 1 May 2010

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