6 April 2009

Special issue: Wind power generation and Special issue: Mechatronic systems

International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control 6(3) 2009

Wind power

  • Wind characteristics and power density analysis for Vadravadra site in Fiji Islands
  • Wind turbine power coefficient real-time identification
  • An intelligent neuro-fuzzy logic controller for induction generator based wind generation to improve power system stability
  • ANN based reactive power control of isolated wind-diesel-micro-hydro hybrid power systems
  • Modelling wind turbine mechanical power by friction effects
  • Adaptive vibration control of piezoelectric actuator based flexible arm with unknown and unmeasurable disturbances
  • Swing-up controller for the Acrobot using skill of human movements
  • Adaptive PID control system design for non-linear systems
  • Image-based visual servoing for power transmission line inspection robot
  • Real-time optimisation for parallel-parking control of four-wheeled vehicles
  • Hand-to-eye calibration for 3D surface digitalisation system

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