6 April 2009

Special issue: Bio-psycho-social aspects of human adaptability in the advanced technologies

International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology 2(3) 2009
  • Effect of emotional changes induced by sounds on human frontal alpha-wave during verbal and non-verbal tasks
  • Search time and correction ratio in visual search processing by visual angle and the stimuli presented
  • Study on comfortable massage method of massage chair considering professional masseur's technique
  • Bio-psycho-social aspects of human adaptability to highly automated work environment: interdependency among visual functions in the peripheral and central visual nervous systems and perceived health level
Additional Papers
  • Web-based embedded intelligence: patient tele-monitoring and diagnosis system on lab-view platform
  • Segmentation of medical images using Simulated Annealing Based Fuzzy C Means algorithm
Multi-prong approaches to monitor the biomechanical aspects of abnormal bones

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