6 April 2009

Call for papers: Knowledge and Software Engineering for Intelligent Systems

Call for papers: Knowledge and Software Engineering for Intelligent Systems

A special issue of International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Data Mining

Intelligent systems have been successfully developed in various domains based on techniques and tools from the fields of knowledge engineering and software engineering. Thus, declarative software engineering techniques have been established in many areas, such as knowledge systems, logic programming, constraint programming, and lately in the context of the Semantic Web and business rules. The recent development and success of semantic technologies developed within the scope of the Semantic Web initiative exposed the need for cooperation between researchers from different fields. Real-life business applications drive the recent interest and R&D efforts in this field. The business rules approach is a prime example of the classic knowledge-based solutions that proved to be useful in the business and engineering practice. Business systems developed with the classic software engineering methods benefit from the rule-based solutions.

This special issue solicits high-quality submissions showing the symbiotic relations between knowledge engineering and software engineering. Papers should give recent contributions from academic research, but also experiences and case studies from industrial practitioners are highly welcome. Authors are invited to present both methods and tools that support software engineers with various well-established knowledge engineering solutions, as well as the counter-direction, where knowledge engineers successfully apply methods and processes known from software engineering.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Knowledge and software engineering for the Semantic Web
  • Ontologies in practical knowledge and software engineering
  • Business rules design and management
  • Knowledge representation, reasoning and management
  • Practical knowledge representation and discovery techniques in software engineering
  • Agent-oriented software engineering
  • Database and knowledge base management in AI systems
  • Evaluation and verification of intelligent systems
  • Practical tools for intelligent systems
  • Process models in AI applications
  • Declarative, logic-based approaches
  • Constraint programming approaches
Important Dates
Deadline for paper submission: 15 October, 2009
Notification of status & acceptance of paper: 15 December, 2009
Final version of paper: 1 February, 2010

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